Little Stars
UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536. Egyptian Charity: Luxor Charity No.8 (2010)

About Little Stars

Trustees - Connie Tindale (Chairman) - Michael Tindale - Janet Hall - Sylvia Kennedy

Patrons - The 8th Earl and Countess Carnarvon.

All accounts are viewable on the Charity Commission website

Little Stars Luxor Trust Fund was formed in late May 2007 by friends who knew of the appalling conditions in which many of Luxor’s orphans, disabled and disadvantaged children existed rather than lived.

At the forefront of their concern was a young orphaned girl who was about to have an arm amputated, not because the arm was beyond saving but because there was no money available to pay for the costly surgical procedures that would allow her to keep it. From her plight, and the plight of others, it was evident that there was a vital need for a Trust Fund that could help this little girl and other children who were in similar circumstances. In many cases lack of funds for medical care and physiotherapy equipment had led to lack of hope. A visit to several orphanages in Luxor showed that the problem was very widespread.

The Trust Fund was started with a small bequest from Raymond Hall and Connie Tindale in memory of their brother Derek Hall who died in 2006 after being disabled losing a leg in a road accident. Raymond Hall died in 2010. In the first year more than £35,000 GBP was donated to Little Stars by worldwide supporters. Donations increased annually from 2007 until 2010 until in 2013-14 reached more than £80,000 which allowed Little Stars to complete a clinic with three surgeries, a Training Centre for women and girls, a free nursery school for 45 local children and to provide food for the poorest families in the Luxor area. Sadly the troubles in Egypt and the Middle East following the Arab Spring led to a severe decline in donations and we have had to cut several of our provisions.

In 2013, permission was received from the Charity Commission to extend our field of work to include the United Kingdom, allowing us to make grants to disabled children for the purchase of equipment. This extension was applied for due to the increasing number of requests for help that we were receiving from within the UK. Lack of funds dictates that we are only able to make small grants of a maximum £150 but even this small amount can make a difference to a child's life.

The scope of our work has widened over the years and there is never sufficient funding to meet all the demands. Your help is vital for the work to continue.

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