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Little Stars Luxor - Blog
January 2013

We apologise to all our supporters for the lack of information given in our Blog. Please have a look at our Facebook page which is always up-to-date. Thank you.



Monday 24th December 2011
We have just completed the half year accounts to the end of November 2011. Donations amounted to £31,682. This is slightly down on last year which is to be expected in a recession. We are in the position of having no outstanding debts and having approximately £31,000 in the bank to cover all emergencies. Expenditure throughout the six months roughly matched income. Support for Little Stars has been magnificent. Thank you.


Friday December 23rd 2011
We would like to thank our wonderful supporters for all the baby clothes, blankets and hats that have been sent to us this month for the children in Luxor. Thank you Claire and Pat. We would also like to thank Sarah for sending us material for the Training Centre. Thank you everyone. We are very grateful.
HatsMaterialBaby clothes
Wednesday December 21st 2011
There has been a marathon effort this week to send every one of our family sponsors a Christmas card decorated by the kids and an update on their families. As there are around 60 it has taken days to get the information together. But, it has been rewarding. I doubt that the cards will arrive in time for Christmas so apologies are offered but they will ALL be in the post before Christmas. We are short of photos this year as some of our visits to the villages have been rushed due to the problems and because the staff were worried that I would get snatched by "rubbish peoples". Our staff cannot be thanked enough for their courage and dedication this year.
Thursday December 15th 2011

RED LETTER DAY - We have just received an unsolicited donation completely out of the blue from Share Gift. This is an organisation that accepts unwanted shares what people hold in numbers that are too small to trade. The enclosed cheque is for £1,000 and comes without strings. We are totally overwhelmed with this generosity and for being recognised as worthy of the grant. Thank you Share Gift and thank you everyone who sends them the unwanted shares.

We are putting it towards a bath house in Haja Marise which is at the bottom of the mountain. Showers, toilets and washing machines will be put in an area of the village that has little piped water and no sanitation. We have received a further donation towards it from another source. Now we need the Governor to give us the land.

December 2011

For up-to-date reports on Little Stars progress please look at our Facebook page which is maintained on a daily basis. Thank You.

Little Stars Facebook Page


Positive thoughts are needed - this week a Trustee in Luxor is meeting with the new Governor to discuss the possibility of acquiring government land for a permanent clinic or (hope beyond hope) of Little Stars being allowed to take over and run the disused hospital in Gezera.

Thursday 25th August 2011

Little Stars would like to thank Ms Miriam Margoyles for her donation and her support. We are very grateful. The money will be used wisely.

Saturday 20th August

We would like to thank Ancient World Tours for their wonderful support. So far the company has raised more than £2,000 through Just Giving for Luxor's children. Ancient World Tours

Friday 19th August 2011


Little Stars would like the thank Philippa Thomas for giving up part of her holiday to help deliver food parcels to the west bank villages. Philippa came out with us a year ago and noted the changes over that time. She is writing about her experience for the next newsletter.

Tuesday 16th August 2011

We would like to thank Mr and Mrs Lancaster for their kind donation in memory of Andrew David Xavier who died in June 2011 aged 43 in an tragic accident in Saudi.

If you are asked to donate to charity instead of buying flowers on the death of a loved one, please consider Little Stars as Mr and Mrs Lancaster have done and help

Friday 12th August 2011

Unfortunately Little Stars has been caught up in some of Luxor's political turmoil and the official opening of the Training Centre has been delayed. Arrangements had been made for the new Governor to open the Training Centre on the 2nd August but he was called to Cairo urgently the day before. He was replaced and a new Governor was appointed. We hope that the new new Governor will honour the pledges made by his predecessor.

Monday 8th August 2011
New motor bike
We are now the proud owners of a motor bike. This is the first transport that Little Stars has owned. The motor bike has been bought so that our needs assessor and staff of the clinic can reach our families more easily and more regularly. We are still in desperate need of a minibus to transport children to the clinic and the nursery school and we hope to buy one later in the year.
Monday 1st August 2011

We apologise for the delay in uploading the newsletter for June. We were waiting for the completion of the end of year accounts so that we could report to you on the year's funding and expenditure. The newsletter is now on the site. Please have a look and see what we have accomplished on your behalf.

The charity's accounts for the year and the Trustees' Annual Report will be uploaded as soon as they have been externally approved.

Tuesday 26th July 2011
We would like to thank the children of Thorverton Primary School for sending us a big parcel of dressing up clothes for the children in our nursery school. The children in Luxor will have fun with them. Thanks are also offered to Lynne Weyman for sending us a parcel of colourful new T shirts. Ramadan is about to start and at the end of Ramadan there is an Eid festival where all children get new clothes. The T shirts will be distributed to children in the villages and all children in our care will have new clothes for the festival.
Wednesday 13th July 2011
logo4Haja MariseHaja Marise


Thanks to the kindness of their sponsor this little family will be able to move from one room in a shared house into a small house of their own. They have already rendered the walls with mud to keep them cool and all they needed was a roof to be able to move their things inside. Their sponsor has not only paid for the roof but has donated money towards the cost of putting in a cement floor. It will make so much difference to their lives. The work will be done during July and hopefully be finished for Ramadan. ___________________________________________________________________________


Wednesday 13th July 2011

Welcome to our new blog page. We were informed by our old blog host that they were no longer offering the service and so have created a new page. Facebook appears to have replaced Blogs in many cases but we still feel that there is a need for up-to-date on-site information. It was very difficult to add photos to the old blog page but now we will be able to add photos as and when we wish. Thank you for your patience. ____________________________________________________________________________


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