Little Stars
UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536. Egyptian Charity: Luxor Charity No.8 (2010)

Donations to Little Stars

Little Stars is totally dependent on your donations and, no matter how small, we are always grateful for the amount received. Donations can be made in several ways - through Paypal, by bank transfer, cheques and regular standing orders and by cash donations to collectors. We are not able to directly accept Credit or Debit card payments but these can be made to us through Paypal. If you are a UK taxpayer, please allow us to apply for Gift Aid on your donation as it can add 25% to the amount we receive with no extra cost to you. Thanks are offered to Matalan PLC for allowing us to collect funds in their stores.

Internet Donations

We have a charity registered account with Paypal at Donations@Paypal.co.uk which can accept debit and credit card payments on our behalf. It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to send donations to us in this way. The donations button will take you directly there and will accept all donations however large or small they may be. The list below shows what each donation can provide. We are also registered with Amazon Smile.

Bank Transfer details:

Bank: HSBC Bank PLC
Sort Code: 40-47-27
Account Number: 01444344
Account Name: Little Stars - Luxor Children’s Trust
IBAN: GB07HBUK40472701444344

Standing Orders

The above details are relevant to all standing orders. There is a standing order form ready for you to complete and send to your bank on the following link - Standing Order Form

Gift Aid

If you are a UK TAx Payer then we can claim Gift Aid on your donation. To do this we do need your permission and your name, post code and house number. We do not need a signed form or anything like that, we just the necessary information which can be sent by email. However, a form is available if you need one. Gift Aid Form. This can be completed and sent on to us.


Your donation will:-

£2 will buy basic 'flip-flops' for two a barefoot children.

will buy a pair of shoes for a barefooted child
will buy school books for a disadvantaged child
will buy a blanket to keep out the winter cold
will by bandages and burn dressings for the clinic
will buy medicines for diabetic children
will buy dried milk for an undernourished child


will buy a winter coat
will buy medicines for the clinic
will buy a sewing kit to help a widow provide for her family
will provide meat for a small family
will buy material for the women in the Training Centre to make clothes for the children


will provide a food parcel for a larger family
will buy a basic Nursery School uniform for a disadvantaged child
will buy a bed to prevent a child having to sleep on the floor with scorpions and vermin


will buy a sewing machine for a widow to start of small business
will help to buy equipment for the clinic
will help to buy equipment for the Nursery School.


will buy a small fridge freezer for a family to keep fresh and safe in souring temperatures
will buy a gas cooker and a gas bottle for a widow so that she is not cooking for her children on an open fire
will pay for a concrete floor to replace a packed mud floor.

£250 will pay for the digging of a cess pit and the erection of a toilet area in a home with no sanitation.
£1,000 will cover the cost of replacing a collapsing mud brick house with a new brick built one.
will buy school uniforms, shoes and bags for half the children in the Nursery School
£2,500 will pay the rent on the Centre for a whole year.
With you we can do so much. Without you we can do nothing at all.
Thank you.