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UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536


The Little Stars Wish List

This list is given only to show what can be done with the money we collect. Often that money comes in very small coin donations for which we are very grateful. No donation is too small and our wish list is very long.

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Your donations go a very long way - updated January 2013

£1 - will buy a child a pair of sandals, or sweets for 20 children, or 2 kgs of flour, or antibiotics for a sick child

£5 - will buy clothes or shoes for a child, or a big warm blanket to protect a family against the cold winter night, or buy medicine for a sick child or pay the charge schools make for the use of books.

£15 - will replace a broken roof beam, or re-wire a one-room home to make it safe, or buy a cotton mattress for a bench bed, or buy fruit juice for all the children at the clinic for 3 days, or buy dried milk for a hungry baby, or sponsor a family for one month.

£20 - will buy a ceiling fan to cool sleeping children in the heat of the summer, or buy a small sink and tiles to keep mud walls dry, or buy 10 coats from UK charity shops to be taken to Egypt. It would also buy a nourishing meal for every child in the nursery school for one day.

£25 - will buy a locally made single bed to get small children off the floor and away from vermin, or pay school fees and buy a school uniform for a child in our nursery school or will buy a standing frame for the clinic.

£40 - will buy a sewing machine for the Training Centre providing a widow with the means to earn a living: or buy a double bed where several children can sleep, or will pay for the installation of a water meter in a home where water is possible .

£50 - will rewire a small home to make it safe, will buy equipment for the new Training Centre, or will pay the wages of an experienced teacher for a month. It is also sufficient to pay for the materials and labour to lay a cement floor in one room of a mud brick house.

£60 - will buy a new wheelchair.

£75 - will pay for the installation of a basic toilet in a home without sanitation, or put a complete new roof on one room of a mud brick home, or buy an ultrasound massager for the clinic for home use or will buy a new cooker with its gas bottle and all fittings.

£100 - will pay for a doctor for one month, or buy 40 gelabyyas or 150 pairs of sandals.

£120 - or will buy a new fridge to keep food safe where there are small children..

£150 - will pay for a Dentist for one month.

£200 - will pay the rent on the hadana for one month.

£500 - would pay for a septic tank, ceramics and piping for the installation of one basic 'public' toilet in Haja Marise.

£750 - will pay Little Stars' entire staff wages bill for one month.

£1,000 - will buy 600 blankets to be distributed in the winter month, or can be put towards a project of your choice.

£1,500 - will completely rebuild a collapsed house, fit a roof on it, adding a floor and installing electricity.

£2,500 - will pay the entire running costs of the Distribution Centre for a whole year.

£5,000 - would allow us to develop a mother and baby clinic.

£10,000 - would pay for a second hand truck we need to get around the villages or would buy all of the food that we distribute throughout the year, or would complete a bath house and nursery school building at Haja Marise.

£15,000 - would pay buy a mini bus to transport the children to the clinic and the nursery school.

£20,000 - would allow us to start on the Drop-In Centre for Street Children on the East Bank.

------ 0 ------

This Wish list will be updated on a regular basis.

There is a universal need for:-
Clothing to suit children of all ages - knitting wool and knitters.
Toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste and soaps.
Disposable Nappies of all sizes
Outgrown Orthopaedic Boots
Good shoes of all sizes
Exercise books, pens, pencils and school equipment - these can be bought in Luxor
Stimulating Toys and Cuddly toys of all sizes

There is a specialist need for physiotherapy and medical equipment:-
Muscle stimulators - including the old Slendertone type TENS machines that people have stashed away in cupboards.
Exercise Mats
Wedge-roll medical balls
Large exercise balls.
Standing and walking frames for children - bought in Cairo
Wheel chairs - these can be bought in Cairo for about £40 - £45 each
Braces of different sizes
Medical equipment - burn dressings - bandages - diabetes blood testing strips
Knee, foot orthoses – callipers.
Standing frames

There is a general need for:-
A mini bus and a Toyota Double Cab – The minibus is needed to get women from the villages to the Training Centre and to collect children for the clinic and the nursery school. At present we hire transport and the cost is prohibitive. The Toyota is needed to transport food parcels as well as children.

In addition:-
Equipment is needed for the new nursery school and the Training Workshops. In particular, sewing machines are desperately needed for distribution and creative artwork materials such as felt shapes, poster paints, coloured card, glue sticks, stick on stars etc are needed for the nursery school.
We are also starting a workshops were women can make cards and bags for the tourist trade.

If you work in a shipping company or know of a company that might be willing to freight clothing and medical equipment to Luxor then we would be very grateful if you could give us a contact name and number so that we can arrange to have items sent to Luxor. Please Contact us.


Thank you for supporting Luxor Children's Trust Fund


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