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Newsletter 16- September 2008

Archived Newsletter - August 2008

It is with great pleasure that we report that building work on the inside of the new west bank clinic is complete and furniture and fittings are being moved in.  When the new equipment is in place it will create a modern clinic in clean and welcoming surroundings.  The old clinic at Seul will close in mid-October as planned and the new clinic should open on the 1st November after the staff, have been retrained, with the help of Karnak Charity Hospital, in modern physiotherapy treatments. 


Work is still being carried out on the forecourt but will be completed before opening 

At first the clinic will only act as a physiotherapy centre but the planned employment of a doctor to treat chronically sick children, who might otherwise not receive treatment and medication, is planned for the New Year. Work is still being carried out on the forecourt but this is nearing completion and ramps to cover the small central steps will be made before the clinic opens.

Plans are already being considered for the work needed to convert the old clinic into an attractive Hadana (Nursery School) that will give free pre-school education to the poorest children in the surrounding villages.  Some of the items in the old clinic can be used in the new nursery school but most things will have to be replaced due to their age and the change of function. 

“Pre-School” is a misnomer as many of the children will never progress to a proper school as their families will not have the means to send them.  This is where our new Scholarship Fund, run by our Honorary Secretary Jane Nash, will come into its own.  The education of promising children will be secured by Little Stars from this fund from primary school right through the secondary school and perhaps beyond.  The education fees of genuinely needy children can be covered from our General Fund.

items waiting to be moveditems waiting to be  moved

New equipment waiting to be moved to the West Bank Clinic

items waiting to be put in placePainters at work

Furniture waits in one half of the clinic for painters and carpenters to finish in the other half

The entire cost of finishing the west bank clinic has been covered by donations that we have received in this financial year which means that funds taken from our savings can be replaced.   Funds are also already available for the conversion of the old clinic into the nursery school.

The distribution of food parcels is becoming increasingly vital as world food prices rocket and inflation in Egypt is running so high.  The number of people receiving the state welfare payment of £5 to £10 per month has increased alarmingly and the sums received by these families are insufficient to cover even the basic items.  Little Stars will continue its commitment through the Egyptian Food Bank but will also concentrate more on providing its own food parcels, especially once the west bank centre is opened.  Half of our food stocks have already been moved to the new centre. Twenty large food parcels were given to the mosque nearest the new clinic for distribution to the needy as part of their Alms for Poor commitment. Ramadan is a time for fasting but it is not a time for starving.

In Luxor, local support for our work has come from several very welcome sources.  Mr. Charles Woods has given us £2,000 sterling towards our projects as he has seen our work and has been very impressed with what Little Stars has achieved in such a short space of time.  Col of Mr. Col’s Coffee Shop has agreed to let Little Stars supporters leave children’s items at his premises in Television Street.  This will make it much easier for everyone donating items as our Administrator is not always on hand to collect things and we are very grateful to Col for his offer. 


Old clinic
old clinic

Some items from the old clinic

can be used in the new nursery school

Total donations to Little Stars in the sixteen months of its existence have reached almost £60,000 of which £20,000 is still in reserve.  This means that we are now in a position to look for that much needed minibus to transport the children to and from the West Bank clinics and to deliver food parcels to where they are needed.  The minibus will be adapted for wheelchairs and easy access and will carry the Little Stars name.  A minibus is also needed on the East Bank to take children to and from the Good Samaritan School and the Karnak Clinic and this will be purchased when funds allow.  However, we cannot become complacent about funding as we are totally dependent on your generosity.  We could not even have contemplated buying the first bus without you and your kindness. 

As our work becomes more well known an increasing number of people are bringing clothing and items for the children to Luxor when they come on holiday.  We would particularly like to thank the Harding family who managed to get a whole suitcase of items out to Luxor in September.  This is no mean feat with the cutbacks that airlines have had to make on baggage allowances.  At this point we would also like to thank Thomson Airlines for their generosity in giving an extra baggage allowance for their passengers to carry items for Little Stars in October.

Little Stars welcomes Cheryle Taylor to the organisation.  Cheryle is a fully qualified graduate Social Worker who has worked in a senior position with the UK Social Services for many years.  She is soon moving to Luxor and will bring to Little Stars the professionalism that is necessary to comply with international standards and regulations for child care. She will take up her post on 1st December but has already been collecting posters and making plans for the new clinic and the nursery school.

Cheryle Taylor is combining several Little Stars part-time posts into a full- time task and will make an office in the East Bank Distribution Centre, will keep records of all Little Stars activities, will have an active part in devising the curriculum of the new nursery school and the selection of its pupils and will co-manage the west bank clinic.  The appointment of Cheryle has been approved by all the Trustees and an interpreter will be engaged to accompany Cheryle in her work.  We thank Mrs. Sharples for the work she did with Little Stars over the last months and give our best wishes for her future plans. 

We have also appointed a local man as co-manager of the West Bank clinic to work with Cheryle.  The post had been vacant since the previous manager left the clinic at Seul several months ago and we are sure that Abdul will do an excellent job.  Local knowledge is essential when dealing with people from outlying villages and this made it vital that the person who filled this post actually had lived and worked on the west bank.  He will be invaluable in making sure that the clinic and its attached Distribution Centre work effectively.  He will also supervise building work on the new Nursery School and ensure that food and clothing items are distributed in an efficient and timely manner.  

Thank you,

With you we can do so much.

Without you we can do nothing.


Back copies of all our newsletters are available by post if you send a large stamped addressed envelope to our registered office. Back copies can be emailed to you, and any queries answered, through




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