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Newsletter 20- January 2009

Archived Newsletter - December 2008

On the 9th and 10th January, Little Stars held a two-day celebration of the opening of the new clinic at Qurna on the West Bank.  On the first day there were Koran readings and an offering of a sheep was made which was then cooked and distributed to the poor.  On the second day we were honoured to have Mr. Ehab Gaddis the Honorary British Consul in Luxor cut the ribbon which declared the clinic open. 

Mr. Gaddis cutting the ribbonThe ribbon is cutand the clinic is open
Mr Ehab Gaddis the Honorary British Consul cut the ribbon which officially opened the clinic.

As we promised, a party followed for our little patients and the village children complete with pantomime horse, traditional band, whirling Dervish, sandwiches, fruit juice, balloons and a celebratory cake.  The party was enjoyed by all who attended. Mothers who had brought their children to the clinic as normal to see the doctor stayed on to join in the fun.

Children having funPatients enjoy the daychildren enjoy the day

They day was enjoyed by both village children and patients.

Even while the party was in progress, the success of the new clinic was demonstrated by there being parents with a child consulting our doctor while six other parents were waiting with children in the reception room to see her.  After their treatment the mothers stayed on with their children to enjoy the party.  We are hoping that a doctor who can deal with a child’s general health will be appointed soon. 

pantomime horseDervishThe cake which was cut by Mr. Gaddis
The pantomime horse and whirling Dervish was enjoyed by everyone. The cake was cut by Mr. Gaddis and distributed to the guests.

The event was covered by the editor of the new Luxor Times magazine who is writing an article about Little Stars for their next edition.  We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the day including staff who came in on their day off and a local businessman who organised the ‘goody boxes’ that were given to every child and provided the cake.  We would especially like to thank Mr. Gaddis for opening the clinic and joining in the fun and Charles Woods who organised the preparation of sandwiches.

Little Stars was also fortunate to be featured in an article in the Eastern Daily Press in the United Kingdom in January which highlighted the work that we are doing and helped promote our ‘Adopt a Family Scheme which is growing rapidly. 

Little Stars made its first delivery of meat along with the food parcels during January and with the help of volunteers was able to take boxes of clothes around with us so that children could be matched with appropriate warm and properly fitting clothing.  All of our warm winter clothing has now been distributed and we are trying to build our stocks up for next winter.  If you are visiting Luxor and have room in your case please try and add a few coats or jumper that your children or neighbours children might have outgrown.  Little Stars is also investigating the cost of buying batches of 200 various sized coats and 200 mixed jumpers from Cairo.  If we can get them direct from the manufacturer the cost will be considerably reduced.  We also need quite large batches of shoes or sandals as many children are totally bare footed.

Also during January we were able to see the delivery of the first batch of beds which have gone to sponsored families in order to protect children who otherwise were sleeping on a hard mud floor.  Four beds and mattresses were delivered, spread over three families.  More beds have been ordered.  The beds we bought are simple and they do not stop a tomb being a tomb but at least they stop the children sleeping on the tomb floor.  Also this month we were able to order the first of the water meters that are vital if families are to have clean water and not have to draw water from old unhealthy wells. 

Boy in Suel Naga BirkaVillage wellSome toilets are without drainage
Warm clothing is needed and water meters beed to be installed to stop people having to draw water from the well. Some homes have no drainage.

Water pipes have been recently installed in some of the more remote villages.  A standpipe with tap has simply been pushed through the mud brick wall and there is no sink, drainage or tiling to stop the water soaking the wall and the floor.  In addition if the cost of a water meter is not paid then the water is cut off and the family return to drawing water from the well.

The cost of a meter is about 300 le (around £40 at present exchange rates).  This is not a huge sum but it is an impossible amount for families who are living on less than £10 per month to raise.  This month Little Stars is paying for the installation of meters, tiling, a sink and a bucket for drainage for two of its sponsored families; more will be done next month.  We are also tacking the problem of the toilet facilities in some of the houses where the toilet floor is of untiled mud.  Some houses have no drainage at all and the toilet is simply a dug pit.  These homes are causing a problem as we would first have to install a septic tank and this is financially prohibitive: costing around £200 - £250 sterling to complete the work.

Sewing TableNew beds

The sewing table is a great boon to this family. The beds are simple but sturdy with cottom mattresses

A computer desk and chair, which will act as a sewing table, has been bought for one sponsored family which will enable a widow to earn money carrying out small sewing jobs for her neighbours.  It will only bring in a small sum but it will restore her self-esteem and make her be more financial independent.  More simple projects like this will be completed in the near future.  Hopefully some of the families might eventually no longer need our help.

Some homes are really cold and barethis is the kitchen of one homeA rof in urgent need of repair

Many families without a breadwinner need help in caring for the children and repairing their homes.

We have 200 families on our distribution list and we need more sponsors.  That means we need you.  Please help if you can.  £10.00 sterling each month can double a family’s income.  No money is ever given directly to a family but its needs are assessed regularly when food parcels are delivered and everything is done to improve the health and education of its children. You can reach us on

Little Stars’ other news is that we are about to become a Foundation by registering as an Egyptian Society.  We have chosen this option rather than becoming an Egyptian charity (Association) because it not only the next step up but has several benefits not least of which is the ability to buy equipment without the burden of taxation.  It will take several months to complete but the paperwork has already been started.  We have therefore shelved plans for the opening of a nursery school until the registration is complete and until the exchange rate of sterling increases against the Egyptian pound.  Administratively, becoming a Foundation means that a representative from the Egyptian Social Services will join the board of Trustees and this welcome involvement will enhance our provision.


You are welcome to print off a copy of our newsletter. Back copies have been archived through a link each month but if you wish us to send you copies of our newsletters then please send a large stamped addressed envelope to our UK registered office. Back copies can be emailed to you, and any queries answered, through


With you we can do so much.
Without you we can do nothing.




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