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UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536

Newsletter 15- August 2008

Archived Newsletter - July 2008


Temperatures in Egypt are soaring above 40 centigrade and the heat was unbearable when our representatives scoured Cairo for items for the new clinic.  We are delighted to report that despite the intense heat, we have found all the basic items that we needed and have new wheelchairs, massage beds, massagers, heat lamps, walking frames, standing frames and balance boards for the new clinic.  This has only been possible because of your generosity

Egypt is now into Ramadan and workmen on the site of the new clinic are toiling without food or water as they are fasting.  This has naturally slowed progress but the floors are in place, the plumbing has been completed and all the doors are about to the fitted.  There is still a lot of work to be done but hopefully the clinic will be ready at the end of the month.

Our intention is to open the new clinic on the 1st November and to have a cross-over period which will allow time for the staff to be retrained and to familiarise themselves with the new equipment.  The old clinic at Suel will, therefore, close completely on the 22nd October. 


front of clinic

Signs showing the clinic's name and advertising details of its free services will be put in place as soon as the clinic is finished. Work on the outside of the building is progressing and work on the inside is almost complete. The clinic consists of two adjoining flats, one which was already finished and one which was incomplete. The tiles on the incomplete flat have been laid at exactly the same level as in the other flat so that there are no steps anywhere inside the clinic and all areas will have easy wheelchair access.


Initially we will open only the physiotherapy part of the clinic which will give us time to assess the situation before we open the general surgery.  We are grateful to Luxor’s Minister of Health who has offered his support and advice on the running of the clinic and obtaining the various licences that are needed for it to operate properly. The whole of  Luxor’s Administration has been very supportive of Little Stars from its very beginning which has contributed to its success.

A ramp will be made to cover the entrance steps
Another toilet has been put under the stairs

Steps have been installed in the entrance way of the new clinic and a ramp will be installed to enable easy wheelchair access.  The storage room in the clinic will be ready soon and we can move half of the food stocks into it as well as the new wheelchairs etc that were bought in Cairo.  In the meantime everything, including the new equipment, will be stored at the Distribution Centre on the East bank. 

Due to your generosity, we can now supply up to 200 of our own food parcels to desperate families every month.  Little Stars own food bags are now also being given to an independent Coptic group in Luxor group who help distressed children living in Luxor and other small groups are being considered.  200 warm blankets were ordered from a factory while our representatives were in Cairo and these will be stored and distributed as soon as the cold weather starts.  .

The educational fund that we recently started is gathering momentum and funds are being raised in Australia as well as in the UK to cover the costs.  Education is often a way out of poverty and certainly leads to better child care and knowledge of the problems of persistent marrying of close relatives.  The fund has doubled in size since we last reported to you.  Last year Little Stars paid the fees or 200 school children.  The progress of these children will be assessed before the fees are paid again and, if funds allow, more children will be added to our lists.

bought from reward
Items bought from a donation
Clothes brough out to Luxor

Last month we were sent some reward money that had been donated to the Claxton family for finding a cat.  We spent this money on items for the children and the new clinic.  The £50 bought robust toys that can be played with by disabled children, pens and pencils for the clinic and the Good Samaritan’s School; a digital thermometer and 75 sterile dressings for the clinic.  This demonstrates just how far a donation can go in covering a multitude of aims and we are grateful to all concerned.  The items are now in Luxor together with a huge holdall full of clothes that will be distributed at Eid when Egyptian children traditionally have new clothes.

Also last month we came across the case of a little boy whose father was recently injured, and his mother killed, in a road accident.  The child was left with an uncle who could not cope and passed him on to carers.  The child has a severe calcium deficiency which has meant that he has a problem with the non-closure of the top of his skull.  A Little Stars supporter who was on holiday in Luxor took the child under his wing and he was taken to the hospital to see various specialists who have recommended treatment and the child is now receiving medication.  The hospital and the pharmacy bills were paid for by the supporter to whom we are intensely grateful.  Without his help the child’s prospects would have been bleak but now there is a chance of him eventually leading a normal life.  Small selfless acts like this can make such a difference.

We have been given a donation and offered help from a large international IT company who are sending items to Luxor early next year and are helping us fund raise for a mini-bus.  The need for transport is becoming increasingly evident as we are incurring higher delivery and distribution costs than were initially anticipated.  A mini-bus for distributing food parcels and transporting children to and from various clinics is no longer a luxury but a cost-effective necessity and with help from organisations and individuals we will be able to hopefully acquire one soon.

If you know of a grant awarding body or an International Company that awards grants to charities working in developing countries, then please advise us so that we can approach them.  There is so much to be done and as world recession seems to be on the horizon, this only makes things worse for those who had nothing to start off with.

Back copies of all our newsletters are available by post if you send a large stamped addressed envelope to our registered office. Back copies can be emailed to you, and any queries answered, through


With you we can do so much.
Without you we can do nothing.





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