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UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536

Newsletter 4- August 2007
Archived: Newsletter July 2007

August was a month of celebration for Little Stars as we received notification of our Registration with the Charity Commission. We are now charity number 1120536 and we hope to soon have this added to our website banner. This means that we can apply to many more funding bodies to help Luxor’s disabled and disadvantaged children.

It was also a time of celebration is Luxor with the feast of Abu al Haggag. Abu al Haggag was the holy man that brought Islam to Luxor in the middle ages. He was buried in Luxor Temple and a mosque still covers his grave. With Luxor’s ancient history it means that there has been constant worship within the Temple grounds for four thousand years. Ancient meets modern in this festival and although nominally it is about Islam, in reality it marks the old Opet fertility celebrations which followed the inundation of the River Nile. Boats still act as a reminder of Amun’s journey down the river to Luxor Temple from Karnak Temple.


As the heat soared and Ramadan approaches it is time for Muslims to think about those less fortunate than themselves and it was in this spirit that we were approached by a group of West Bank volunteers who asked us to help them in their efforts to improve the plight of the children that they care for.

It was distressing but we went into the villages with the group to see for ourselves what the situation was. The first family we visited was of a man who had been severely injured in a road accident. He was being cared for at home by his wife and their three children. Their total income was in the region of £5.00 per month which is below starvation level. Out of this sum medicines for the father and clothes for the children would have to be bought. The group had been providing food parcels for the family and had bought clothes, shoes and school bags for each of the children, one of whom was disabled. Life was unbelievably hard but the children were so proud of their new things that they rushed to get them for us. The group were trying to raise the money to buy a cow for the family so that they would have milk and perhaps cheese that they could sell and would also have a calf each year which they could raise or sell.


Another family that we met lived in a house that could have been built several thousand years ago. It was simple and without any modern conveniences or appliances. This family were already in possession of a cow and so their plight was not as bad as it might have been but there was still no spare cash for clothes, shoes or anything else that someone in the west might have taken for granted. There were four children and their father had died of illness a few years ago leaving them destitute.


In all we visited five families that morning all of whom were either without a father or had a father who was now unable to work. Without a social security system and a welfare state there is no safety net that will catch these children. It is up to individuals and to organisations such as Little Stars to help where they can.

The last family we saw lived within a walled area that was mainly without internal rooms. The father of the house had died of disease and the group had been caring for the family for several years. A cow had been purchased so that the prospects of the family could be improved but unfortunately the cow had died and now there are insufficient funds for another one to be bought. It is a vicious circle.


Little Stars has offered help for this group, explaining that no cash will be dispersed but that food parcels, clothes and school equipment will be donated as soon as funds allow. Fund raising for this cause will start immediately and your help is needed to get the ball rolling.

If you feel that you could sponsor a food parcel for any of the families, or help to buy a cow then please fill in a form and send it off to us. We are grateful for any help that we receive




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