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UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536

Newsletter 2 - June 2007
Archived: Newsletter May 2007

June was a busy month for Little Stars. Its most important event was the present 8th Earl of Carnarvon agreeing to become our patron. Lord Carnarvon’s grandfather, the 5th Earl, was responsible for the expeditions and excavations that resulted in Howard Carter finding the tomb of Tutankhamun in Luxor in 1922.

The treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb are world famous and can normally be seen in Cairo Museum but will soon be in London when a new exhibition opens at the Dome. There was great excitement recently when another tomb, KV63, was found within yards of Tutankhamun’s tomb. It was not full of treasure but it was the first find in the Valley of the Kings for over eighty years. Items from the 5th Earl’s earlier expeditions are on exhibition at Highclere Castle.

The Mask of Boy King TutAnkhAmun
Lord and Lady Carnarvon
The mask of Tutankhamun
Lord and Lady Carnarvon

We are extremely grateful to Lord Carnarvon for his interest in Little Stars and know that his involvement with the charity will help lighten the load of Luxor’s disadvantaged children. He has asked for representatives of the trustees to come to Highclere Caste to discuss what plans we have for Little Stars and is delighted to renew his family’s association with Luxor.

Our next important event was the formation of a link with several other charities which resulted in a proposal that Little Stars manage the building of a village style complex for Luxor’s disabled children. Fund raising on such a large scale is not going to be easy but we are not faint hearted and are certain that with determination we will succeed in raising the funds required. We shall approach the various Overseas Development Units, Comic Relief and the Lottery Fund but we are still in great need of your help and support.

The project involves the construction of orphanage buildings, a fully equipped treatment clinic, a school and a training centre with workshops and a crèche where widowed and deserted mothers can learn a trade which will help them earn a living and support their children. It is important that projects like this one eventually become self sustaining and this could be achieved through the workshops making items for sale in the Fair Trade Centres. A similar project is being successfully undertaken in Sri Lanka to care for those harmed and orphaned in the Tsunami.

A muscle stimulator was brought out to Luxor for the clinic in Suel. Similar ones can be bought in Argos or any High Street electrical store for around £15.00 which is an infinitesimal amount when compared with the help it can give in bringing life into non-working muscles. If you have a spare vibrator stashed away in a cupboard then please send it to us. It can be brought out to Luxor by one of our volunteers and put to good use.

June also saw the in inaugural meeting of the Luxor Children’s Trust Fund Trustees where it was unanimously decided that an application would be made to the UK Charity Commission for registration as soon as possible and that Trust Fund’s Governing Documents would be those approved by the Commission. A resolution was also passed to apply for registration in Egypt as well as in the UK. As a first step, a visit was paid to Mr. Ehab Gaddis the Honorary Consul to advise him of the charity’s mission and aims and an appointment was made to see Dr. Samir Farag the Governor of Luxor.

I shall advise you of our progress in the next newsletter. In the meantime please continue to give us your support it is greatly needed and greatly appreciated.


If you can think of anything that could be added to the website that would help us raise money for the care of the most needy children of Luxor, then please tell us.





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