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UK Charity Commission Registration Number 1120536

Newsletter 1 - May 2007

In the summer months Upper Egypt is unbelievably hot at over 40C almost every day. Everything slows down and sizzles then in the heat of the afternoon Luxor becomes a ghost town. At dusk the streets come alive again as families do their shopping in the cool of the night air.

The renovated Piazza, Luxor, Egypt
The renovated souk, Luxor, Egypt
The renovated Piazza
The renovated souk

Luxor is undergoing renovation. Houses are being painted, streets are being cleaned and shanty areas are being cleared of make-shift bazaars. Soon Luxor will return to its full splendour and once more become a major tourist attraction it deserves to be but no matter how good it looks it is still a third world country with areas of abject poverty.

In the midst of the heat and desert dust, an office area devoted to Little Stars is being developed close to Luxor Temple. The office space and facilities have been donated by a local company and will cost the Little Stars Trust absolutely nothing. The office will not only be a central place where records can be kept and funds distributed but it will also act as a drop off point for toiletries, clothing or items from various charities’ wish lists that people may want to leave with the Trust for distribution. It may take several months to renovate the office before it can be opened but when it does, please pop up and talk to us. Sit on our balcony with a cool drink and get the best possible view of Luxor Temple.

Little Stars has space in this office
Come up and see us - Luxor Temple, Egypt
Little Stars has space in this office
Come up and see us - Luxor Temple

Our first priority this month was to raise cash for an operation which might save the arm of a four-year old orphaned girl called Marianna who has gangrene following an accident in which she broke her arm. The arm can be saved but not within the rudimentary state medical system. Their only option is to amputate the arm. The Trust wrote to the Eastern Daily Press seeking the support of their readers in funding the operation that might save her arm and her life. The cost of the operation is around £2,000. This is not a huge sum but it is an impossible sum in an impoverished community. If you can help Marianna or other children in a similar situation then please contact us to make a donation to the Trust Fund.

Playing with the new ball
Playing with the new ball

The first centre what we were able to help was a clinic at Seul on the northern edge of Luxor’s west bank area. The clinic is run by the Manacare Foundation and this month we gave them an exercise ball that was a great hit with the children. The clinic has a vital need for muscle stimulators, exercise mats and standing frames but it is hoped that we can provide some of these items in the very near future. The standing frames look like some sort of mediaeval torture but they are an excellent way of strengthening leg muscles and allowing a child to see the world from a different perspective. If you have a vibrating massager that you no longer need then we would be very grateful to accept it on behalf of the clinic.

Strapping into a standing frame
Applying heat treatment
Strapping into a standing frame
Applying heat treatment

The main focus for LittleStars next month will again be on raising funds, visiting various care centres that are in desperate need of help and in improving this web site which has been our way of reaching you. If you can think of anything that could be added to the website that would help us raise money for the care of the most needy children of Luxor, then please tell us.





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